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Monday, October 29, 2018

Traveling from Philadelphia, PA to Gettysburg, PA

Oh, what an interesting day I had today. Left Campus Park and Ride in South Philadelphia this morning bound for Gettysburg, PA.  Being the tightwad that I am, I detest paying tolls, I have my GPS set to avoid tolls.  Little did I know, it would route me through the downtown streets of Philadelphia with my 31 foot RV named Freedom.   I did amazingly well, but not anything that I would ever want to do again.

Unbeknown to me, I found myself on the historic Lincoln Highway heading westbound (30W).  It would alternate between traveling through small cities and rural areas at 35 mph and on fast moving highways.  During my travels today, I saw several Amish men driving their horse and buggy and saw Amish children in their traditional garb with the addition of safety vests to protect them from vehicles while walking along the side of the rode.  What an interesting people the Amish are.  Sometimes I long for the simplicity of their lives and other times I am so very grateful for all the modern conveniences that we have.

About half way to Gettysburg, while either sitting in traffic or moving slowly, I suddenly heard a loud thud from behind and knew something was wrong.  I pulled over and got out of the RV and behind me was a mangled black Subaru.  I approached the car as the other driver was still in the car to find out if the driver was okay since the car was in very bad shape.  She was very shaken and emotionally upset, but otherwise unhurt as was I.  I’m fairly certain that her car was totaled.


Freedom has minor dents and some black paint from the other car on her bumper.  I do want to have her inspected to make sure that nothing was jarred from the impact.  I will speak with the insurance company tomorrow.  Poor women that hit me was not local to the area where the accident occurred.  Her name is Linda.  She said that her brakes just stopped working.  Her car had to be towed.  I offered and she accepted my offer to drive her to Enterprise so that she could get a car rental.  We were both car accident virgins prior to today.  We had a very nice police officer who came by to fill out the incident report.  I was set back about two hours, but arrived safely in Gettysburg, PA around 5:30 pm, just as it was starting to get dark.

Found a great campground in Gettysburg, PA called Artillery Ridge Campground & Gettysburg Horse Park.  I highly recommend this place if you are ever here in the area and it’s very close to the historical areas.  Here are some photos of the trees changing color at the park.



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